Dear friends,

For many years there has been talk about the sorry state of the Jewish cemetery in Belts. Our fate has been that we left for a better life and it became difficult to combine our efforts to bring the cemetery to order.
Once, I said to myself: "If someone has to take responsibility for managing the collection of money to bring the cemetery back to normal, why not me?

I contacted representatives of the Belts' Jewish community and they sent me pictures of this terrible state of the cemetery. I then contacted the Belts' Baptists. I know these people - they do not drink, they can work and they believe in God and good deeds. These are honest people whom you can rely on. The baptists have estimated the work on clearing the cemetery at 15,000 dollars. This includes the cutting of bushes that grew around the cemetery, tree cutting, preventing access to the burial site, hauling felled trees and bushes and spraying of the roots with a special solution that will prevent the emergence of new shoots.
To pay for all subsequent years to carry out preventive work and not to allow the cemetery to once again come to the state in which it is now it necessary to collect an additional 5,000 dollars.

Of course, the work crew will be paid gradually, as the clearing of the cemetery is done. Belts residents Anatoliy Shteyman and Yefim Groysman will oversee the work and distribute the money collected.
Photos of the cemetery after its restoration will also be published on the website and everyone will be able to compare the cemetery before and after. The names of all who donate the money for the restoration of the cemetery will also be published on this website. The amount collected by us will be updated as more contributions come in.
To start collecting money I have opened a bank account, and created a public non-profit organization. The organization and a bank account are named "Beltsy Cemetery Fund" - "Foundation Balti graveyard."
I tried to open bank accounts in other countries, but I could not as it is necessary to first to create an organization to raise funds, and on the basis of this organization to open a bank account. In Israel and in Germany and in Canada, it has proven much harder than I expected. Therefore we can only operate one bank account in the U.S.

How to participate:

1.The easiest is for U.S. residents - they can write a check for "Beltsy Cemetery Fund" and either submit it by the nearest branch of Chase Bank (account information below) or send a check made out to Beltsy Cemetery Fund to the following address::

Arkadiy Verzub
4385 Ardmore Rd, South Euclid,
Ohio 44121

Bank information:
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Routing Number 044000037
Account Number
Name: "Beltsy Cemetery Fund"
To report contributions to be added the list of donors please send your information to the above address or email me at

2. for non-American transactions to America

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Routing Number 044000037
Account Number 2928822655 (The bank does not have IBAN - you need to specify only the normal account number)

Address of bank branches:
5400 Mayfield Rd.,
Lyndhurst, Ohio
Name: "Beltsy Cemetery Fund" 

Western Union - organization dedicated to transfer money worldwide.

This is the cheapest option to transfer money. In the department of Western Union in your city, request out that money is sent to Arkadiy Verzub in Cleveland USA, (Western Union does not send money to organizations) and let me know by email: or call: code USA +1 (216) 571-6499 and give a transaction number and leave me name of the donor and where they city they are sending the donation from.
As soon as I will receive your transaction, I'll make deposit to the account and I will submit your name to the list of donors. The transaction fee through Western Union from Israel:
$ 50 - 48.8 shekel
$ 100 - 52.5 shekel
$ 150 ~ 74 shekels.

If you have any questions related to our project, you can ask them either by email telephone or by visiting: on the page in the forum or guestbook.

The great Jewish sage Hillel once said:

"If I am not for myself, then who is for me?
But if I am only for myself, what am I?
And if not now then when? "

Let us, my friends, gather from all over the world and put to order the Jewish cemetery in our hometown. Save it and did not let it turn into a jungle. Waiting for your help.
With respect to all  fellow countrymen from Belts,

 Arkadiy Verzub


Prewar cemetery (photos were taken in 2012 in different seasons)


  • Main Shtetele Belts - song performed by belchanka Bathsheba Lozinskaya (Felzenbaum) accompanied by the orchestra of Raanana, Israel.